Nov 06

Opatija – final day of competition

Opatija – This final day of competition offered two battles for the medals. If the gold was to be disputed between Poland 1 and Czech Republic 2, France 1 still had a very small hope to grab the bronze medal. The suspens was very high at the beginning of the day since while France 1 played the last of the competition, Slovenia (20-0), Poland 2 had to face the Czech leaders. After an intense match, the Czechs won the match by 14-6 giving more hope to France while increasing its lead on Poland 1 which won against Germany 1 on the close score of 11-9.

The suspens was even more intense in the second round since France 1 and Poland 2, direct opponents for the Bronze with respectively 201.96 and 200.8 were to meet in what appeared to be a sudden death match. If everybody expected a close match, the French players manage to take the lead very early in the game and to conclude the match on a severe 17-3 offering them a 14 points lead on their opponent and guaranteeing them the bronze medal since they were to have a bye in the afternoon – equal to 12 points. Both Poland 1 and Czech Republic 2 won their matches easily against China 2 and Germany 1 and the Czechs could now count on a 3 points lead before the last round of the tournament.

The afternoon session had all eyes turned to the competition between the two leading teams to grab the gold medal. On one table, Czech Republic 2 facing China 1, on the other table, Poland 1 facing France 2. For the Czechs, the deal was easy, do not lose more than 3 points on Poland, for the polish players it was a matter of taking all risks to bring the title home and defend it in two years in Lodz. Obviously teams were focused on their own game with no way to know what was happening on the other tables but in the end the Czechs managed to keep a 1.5 point lead to win the gold 248.6 against 247.16 for their polish opponents.

In the end of the day, the closing ceremony took place, a ceremony during which the awarding of the medal was made in presence of Mr. Hisato Igarashi, FISU Assessor and Mr. Gianarigo Rona, World Bridge Federation President. The 7th World University Bridge Championship was then declared officially closed by Mr. Igarashi before he handed over the FISU Flag to Przemyslaw Jagielski representative of the next organising committee which will prepare the next edition in Lodz (POL).


Nov 06

The fifth day of competition

Opatija – The fifth day of competition in Opatija started with a match between the two leading teams after 11 rounds, Poland 1 and Czech Republic 2. With a victory 13-8, the polish players confirmed their good position and clearly appeared to be the favorites for gold. Behind them, the Czechs remained in a position to contest the title followed closely by France 1 and Poland 2 with 158 points for both after their respective victory over Germany 2 and China 1.

In the afternoon, the podium changed entirely once again after the large victory of the Czech players 102-1 over Croatia while Poland 1 lost to Japan 39-54 and France 1 lost to Austria 40-68. After this thirteenth round Czech Republic (183.26) took the lead ahead of Poland 1 (179.84) and Poland 2 (174.55) while France 1 (163.06) lost its hopes of gold.

In the final round of the day, the Czech team left the lead to Poland for 0.5 points. Indeed futher to its victory 20-0 on the second Czech team, Poland 1 reached a total after 14 rounds of 199.84 while after defeating Austria, Czech Republic 2 ended the day with a 199.34 total. In the last step of the podium, Poland 2 confirmed its position with 194.41 points.

On Thursday morning Poland 2 will face successively Czech Republic 2 and France 1 in matches that will finish to define the podium and the afternoon will offer a final round and the closing ceremony.




Nov 05

WUC Bridge 2014 – The 4th day of competition

Opatija – The 4th day of competition at the WUC Bridge 2014 was a short one for the players with only two rounds planned. In the morning, the Czech leaders were surprisingly defeated 19-1 by France 2. After its victory over Slovenia 18-2, Poland 1 seized the opportunity to climb on the first step of the podium with a total of 142.06 ahead of the Czechs (139.94). Behind them the second polish team with 134.4 points further to its victory over Germany 2 13-7. France 1 was sent out of the temporary podium further to its draw with Turkey 10-10.

In the afternoon Poland 1 confirmed its status of favorite with a large victory 19-1 over Germany 1 to reach the score of 160.69. The Czechs forgot their morning disappointment to take 16 points against Japan to stay in the race to the title ending the day with a 156.02 total ahead of France 1 coming back on the podium defeating Cetkovska, Janikova, Lapcikova and Ticha (CZE 1) 14-6. Poland 2 had a tough afternoon, losing the third place after a defeat to the surprising Italian team composed of Calmanovici, Percario, Rubino and Sau on the score of 14-6.

The evening was concluded with gala diner where awards were distributed to authorities and a presentation of the EUSA Games 2016 – where bridge will be included for the first time – given to the participants.

Wednesday, three more rounds are planned to see the ranking evolve toward the end and the fight for gold continue.


Nov 04

WUC Bridge 2014 – Day 3 of competition

The third day of competition kicked off with a match between two of the teams appearing in the provisory podium, France 1 and Japan. It turned out to be a one-way match won by Combescure, Kilani, Laloubeyre and Lebatteux against the Nippon team Honda, Ishibashi, Nagasuka, Seshimoto, Sugimoto and Yasui on the cruel score of 20-0. After the victory of Poland 1 over Turkey (16-4) and Poland 2 over Slovenia (18-2), the top teams were now Czech Republic 2 followed by France 1, Poland 1, Poland 2 and Japan, all within 20 points.

The first session of the afternoon offered the top teams a chance to confirm their status, and Czech Republic 2, Poland 1 and 2 did not miss their chance, especially with France 1 having a bye and Japan losing their second match of the day to Germany 1. At the end of this 8th round, Czech Republic 2 was still on the lead, Kopecky, Kralik, Vojtik and Zylka having a 12 points advantage to France 1, 14 to Poland 1 and 20 on Poland 2. Japan after those two terrible matches fell to the 8th place before the last match of the day.

Finally, the last round saw the leaders have a bye and the two polish teams climb on the podium after the victory of Poland 1 over Austria (11-9) and of Poland 2 over Japan (18-2) concluding the terrible day of Japan. France 1 lost its spot on the podium after being defeated by a surprising China 2 team upsetting all odds to win 14.6.

Tuesday, only two rounds are on the programme and they will be followed by a cultural programme and a gala diner.



— in Opatija


Nov 03

WUC Bridge 2014 – Day 2 of competition

Opatija, Croatia – Sunday was not a rest day for everyone. Indeed the 17 teams taking part to the WUC Bridge 2014 were focused on performing as well as possible to position themselves on the top of the ranking. After the 4th round played in the morning, the three teams presented on the temporary podium remained the same though, the order changed. After a victory of China 2 (20-0), Czech Republic 2 took the lead ahead of France 1 and Japan respectively victorious of Croatia (20-0) and Italy (11-9). Nevertheless the afternoon matches were going to change this order once again. The Czechs continued on their winning streak, defeating Italy 16-4 to reach a total of points of 81.78, Japan took the second place back to France 1 after defeating France 2 by 16-4. France 1 even lost their spot on the podium after its wide defeat to Poland 1 in the match of the favorites on the score of 15-5, Turkey grabbing the third place temporarily.

The last round played this Sunday once again confirmed the tendencies with Czech Republic 2 beating the Turkish team 15 – 5 to reach a score of 97.23 after 6 rounds – out of a maximum of 120 – followed by Japan (90.05) after its victory over China 1 (15-5) and France 1 (82.18) further to its victory against Germany 1 (14-6).

Monday, France 1 and Japan will face each other in the top of the ranking while the outsiders such as Poland 1, Poland 2, Turkey and Austria will try to make their way back on the podium.

Follow the live results here:


Nov 03

WUC Bridge 2014 – Day 1 of competition

Opatija in Croatia is one of the main spots in Europe for Bridge. After several world and European competition, the 7th World University Bridge Championship kicked off this Saturday with the three first rounds organised in the “4 Flowers of Opatija” Hotel.

Japan ended the day in the top of the ranking after three victories over Croatia, Czech Republic 1 and Slovenia. A good start for the team composed of Honda, Ishibashi, Nagasuka, Seshimo, Sugimoto and Yasui with a score of 48.01. Just behind them, Czech Republic 2 composed of Kopecky, Kralik, Vojtik and Zylka followed with a first-day score after three rounds of 46.17. France 1 completed this first day’s podium, Combescure, Kilani, Laloubeyre and Lebatteux beating respectively France 2 and Italy, before a short defeat to Czech Republic 2, 11.08 to 8.92.

The competition will continue with three more rounds on Sunday where 16 teams will face each other in three matches of 20 boards.


Nov 02

Opening Ceremony

7th World University Championship in bridge has been opened and will be held in the city of Opatija, Croatia.  This sunny city is just half an hour away from the last year´s EUSA University Bridge Championship  host city of Kraljevica, which brought old and new bridge players to this region. They are representing their respective countries: Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey and Croatia. The first day of the tournament was October 31st and it will end on November 7th. The participants arrival, technical meeting and opening ceremony kicked off the first day.  Through 7 days and with the help of diligent volunteers, the whole tournament is held under the patronage of the president of Croatia Ivo Josipović and Mr Vedran Mornar, minister of science, education and sport. The opening ceremony was attended by the Organizing Committee  President Mr Haris Pavletic, Mayor of the City of Opatija Mr Ivo Dujmic, President of the European Bridge League Mr Yves Aubry, President of the Croatian Bridge Federation Mr Jurica Caric, the International University Sports Federation executive commitee member Mr Hisato Igarashi and many other distinguished guests. We wish all competitors a lot of successs and may the best win.

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Nov 01

Championships started

You can follow the results here:


Running scores

Jun 27

10 Countries confirm Participation in 7th WUC Bridge

With just five mounths left to start of the 7th World University Bridge Championship in Opatija, Croatia, 10 countries until now have confirmed their participation at the FISU event scheduled from 1st to 7th November, 2014.

The 7th World University Bridge Championship will host 10 university teams from: China, Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine and Slovenia.

Applications are still open.

Thanks to every team registered so far. See you in Opatija!

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